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What's Star Trek?

What's Star Trek?


EAbout Star Trek

"Star Trek" is the name of Sci-Fi series. It was created in U.S. more than 30 years ago, and has been popular until now. The origin is television drama series, but Star Trek world expands to movies, novels, goods, and so on. Unfortunately, it is not very famous in Japan. Many people heard the name "Star Trek", but know only Spock that the ear is pointed.

The appeal of Star Trek is uncountable. For example, a description of 23-24 centuries future by full reality, unique characters, high quality SFX remembering Sci-Fi, crews' troubles challenging the same problems that has modern people , and many humors. I'm glad you will be interested in Star Trek a little and watch the series after you read this page.

At first you can enjoy Star Trek without background information, please watch ONE episode (basically, one episode completes). I hope you will be fascinated.
EStar Trek Airing in Japan

The schedule might be changed, don't forget to check local programs.
SeasonTime (approx.)
Hokkaido UHB [Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting] VOY 3 Sat. (Fri., Night) AM 2:30
Miyagi Higashinippon Broadcasting VOY 3 Wed. (Tue., Night) AM 1:20
Yamagata Sakuranbo TV TNG 1 Sun. (Sat., Night) AM 1:45
Fuji TV [Fuji Television Network] TNG 7 Thu. (Wed., Night) AM 3:00
Shizuoka TV Shizuoka [Shizuoka Telecasting] VOY 2 Fri. (Thu., Night) AM 2:00
Chukyo TV [Chukyo TV. Broadcasting] VOY 4 Fri. (Thu., Night) AM 1:25
Kansai TV [Kansai Telecasting] VOY 4 Wed. (Tue., Night) AM 1:30
Setonaikai Broadcasting TNG 7 Tus. (Mon., Night) AM 1:00
FBS [Fukuoka Broadcasting System] VOY 4 Thu. (Wed., Night) AM 1:20

Sometimes the other stations air Star Trek movies in midnight mostly.
Laser discs is available for fifth season of DS9 and third season of Voyager.

EFour (plus Alpha) Star Trek Series

(Original) Star Trek - TOS [The Original Series]

This series were aired in 1966 to 69 and is base of new series. All 79 episodes are from pilot "The Cage" to "Turnabout Intruder". Crews of Starship U.S.S. Enterprise explore unknown space. Basic Star Trek technologies such as transport or phaser were already used in this series.
In Japan, it aired by the title "Uchu-Daisakusen (it means 'Great Operation in Space', maybe) at night. TOS is available by videos partly and laser discs completely. Super Channel is airing.
    James T. KirkcaptainHuman
    Spockfirst officerfather: Vulcan, mother: Human
    Leonard H. McCoydoctorHuman
    Montgomery Scottchief engineerHuman
    Hikaru SuluhelmHuman, from Asia
    UhuracommunicationsHuman, from Africa
    Pavel A. ChekovnavigatorHuman, from Russia
    Christine ChapelnurseHuman

Star Trek: The Next Genaration - TNG

TNG was aired in 1987 to 94 in U.S. The date is about one century after TOS and evolved various technology. The Story of U.S.S. Enterprise-D that is successor of original Enterprise. From "Encounter at Farpoint" to "All Good Things...", all 178 episodes are. In Japan, airing of TNG had ended in most areas, but is still continuing in some areas. The title is "Shin Star Trek" that means "New Star Trek". It was airing on Super Channel, but stopped temporarily. TNG is available by laser discs completely, and videos partly.
    Jean-Luc PicardcaptainHuman, from France
    William T. Rikerfirst officerHuman from Alaska
    Beverly C. CrusherdoctorHuman
    Deanna Troicounselorfather: Human, mother: Betazoid
    Datasecond offcer, opsandroid
    Geordi La ForgeengineerHuman
    Wesley CrusherBeverly's sonHuman
    Guinanbar masterEl-Aurian
    Natasha Yarsecurity chiefHuman
    Katherine PulaskidoctorHuman
    Miles O'Brientransporter chief (to DS9, later)Human
    Ro LarenconnBajoran

Deep Space Nine - DS9

DS9, a spin-off series of TNG, started in 1993 and ended in 1999. The Story is on the Bajoran space station named Deep Space Nine. The station become very important point diplomatically and strategically by discovery of a wormhole nearly. The series count 176 episodes from "Emissary" to "What You Leave Behind", and put on sale videos and laser discs of Japanese dubbing. Airing of DS9 continues in some areas. But currently, only five seasons had aired in Japan. DS9 is airing on Super Channel from pilot. The station will air last 2 seasons.
    Benjamin L. SiskocommanderHuman
    Kira Neryssub commanderBajoran
    Odosecurity chiefunknown (identify, later)
    Jadzia Daxscience officerTrill
    Julian S. BashirdoctorHuman
    Miles E. O'Brienchief of operationsHuman
    Quarkbar masterFerengi
    Jake SiskoBenjamin's sonHuman
    Worfstragetic officerKlingon
    Ezri DaxcounselorTrill
    Elim GaraktailorCardassian

Voyager - VOYorVGR

Voyager is the newest series started in 1995. Crews of U.S.S. Voyager to be far away from Earth began a long travel to homeworld. From "Caretaker," more than 130 episodes are aired. In Japan, laser discs is available, and many areas started airing Voyager. On Super Channel, regular airing is keeping. In October and November, the station will air 53 episodes.
    Kathryn JanewaycaptainHuman
    Chakotayfirst officerHuman
    Tuvoksecurity chiefVulcan
    Neelixguide and cookTalaxian
    Thomas E. ParisconnHuman
    B'Elanna Torreschief engineerfather: Human, mother: Klingon
    EMH (The Doctor)doctorhologram
    Harry KimopsHuman
    Kesdoctor's assistantOcampa
    Seven of Ninepast Borg


Nine movies was made at present. SFX technologies become greater more and more with new productions. In Japan, videos and laser discs are available of all movies. It seems to rental more easily than television series. And, DVD versions of Insurrection and First Contact are available (Generations will be out on 20th October.)
    1Star Trek: The Motion PictureTOS1979
    2Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanTOS1982
    3Star Trek III: The Search for SpockTOS1984
    4Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeTOS1986
    5Star Trek V: The Final FrontierTOS1989
    6Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryTOS1991
    7Star Trek: GenerationsTNG (TOS)1994
    8Star Trek: First ContactTNG1996
    9Star Trek: InsurrectionTNG1998

Animated Star Trek - TAS [The Animated Series]

It's animation series based upon TOS. TAS aired in U.S. from 1973 to 74. Japanese title is "Manga Uchu-Daisakusen (manga means animation)", and all episodes are 22. Only anime characters appear such as Alex or M'Ress instead of Chekov. The voices are the same of TOS casts.
But TAS is not accepted as canon as well as novels and comics. Laser discs of Japanese dubbing are available completely.


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